End of day 4 Monte Carlo

Day 4 of the Monte Carlo Rally was all about the Col de Turini. Unfortunately there was no snow or ice. Most of the stages were dry. But it didn’t make the rally any less exciting. The drivers loved the roads and the conditions, and judging by the huge crowds of spectators, so did they.

Loeb was comfortably in the lead, and driving to the end. But the battle was still for the other 2 podium positions. After spinning out yesterday it seemed petter was out of reach of 2nd place Sordo, and was in striking distance of 4th place Mikko.

On the first stage of the day, Mikko had found his place in his new DS3 and was comfortable with the car enough to push. Not only was he quick, he won the first stage of the day, closing the gap between himself and Petter Solberg to 22.1 overall. Despite loosing time to Mikko, Petter was also really enjoying his new car, the Ford Fiesta RS and was 2nd fastest. “It’s the most fun I’ve had on a stage in years”.

Loeb only managed 3rd fastest but still extended his lead over Sordo. Delecour showed, that experience counts as he was 4th fastest and doing well on one of his favourite events.

It was on the following stage were Petter Solberg showed us the old ‘Mr Hollywood’ he once was. On an event he historically has never done well on, he lit-up the timing screens. Fastest on all of the following stages on the Turini. Although it seemed it, he wasn’t pushing on the limit, but enjoying the drive, the car and the stage. “I’m not trying to catch Sordo, just keeping up the pace” and that’s exactly what he did for the remained of the day. By the end of it, he had pulled away from Mikko Hirvonen and got within just 19 seconds from 2nd place Dani Sordo.

But with just the final 5km power stage to go, unless Sordo makes a mistake, it’s unlikely that Petter will get back that 2nd place that he battled so hard for throughout the week. Loeb still holds the lead by 2minutes 41 seconds. The Monte is known for it’s unpredictability and the Power stage is 5km of tight, twisty and very narrow roads. A bit of snow and ice in the mix and it could all change. In the WRC, it’s not over till it’s over.

Results after Day 4.

1 Loeb
2 Sordo +2:41.6
3 Solberg +19.1
4 Hirvonen +1:04.9
5 Novikov +1:55.2
6 Delecour +54.9
7 Campana +1:25.6
8 Tanak +2:04.9
9 Prokop +5:39.1
10 Araujo +2.9

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