Stages & Weather – Monte day 4

Day 4 of the Monte Carlo Rally and Loeb still holds a comfortable lead going into the famous Col de Turini. With Minis Dani Sordo in 2nd & Solberg in 3rd. Although Citroen’s Mikko Hirvonen is just 23.8 behind.


Day 4 consists of 4 Stages, 2 stages re-run after service in Monaco. Weather today is expected to me calm, sunny skies with temps of between 12 – 14C. Stages are reported to be damp an greasy in shaded areas on the ascents, and dry on the descents. No snow or ice expected, although temperatures could drop later this evening when the Col de Turini stages are run in the dark.

SS14 15:11 – Moulinet – La Bollene Vesubie (23.40km)

SS15 15:54 – Lantosque (18.81km)

17:53 – Service Monaco

SS16 19:34 – Moulinet (23.4km)

SS17 20:17 – Lantosque (18.81km)

21:32 evening Service

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