Rally GB to be 4 Day event

This years rally GB has been extends to a 4 Day event. Rally GB has expanded it’s route for 2011 and will stretch the length of Wales and will bring back some old classic stages not seen in the WRC for almost 20 years



To kick the event off on Thursday will be the Great Orme asphalt stage, which was last used in the WRC on the RAC rally of 1981 near Llandudno. Parc ferma will be first in Llandudno and then down in Cardiff. Rally GB will also use forest stages around Dyfi and Dynfant forests and then move on to the classic forest stages of north and mid-Wales and the epynt military ranges near breacon.

Shakedown will be on Wednesday 9th November around the Bulith wells Royal showgrounds, which will also hold the Service park. Although full details have not yet been fully confirmed.

Wales Rally GB will take place from 10th – 13th November.

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