Driver Analysis: Rally Sweden

Highlight of the Rally: Marcus Gronholm

Oui oui oui, Marcus Gronholm was back! Oh how we missed the tall heights of this legend & his raw honest stage end comments. It really was a true joy to see him back. Shame it was for the very last time. Thankfully nothing went “up into the ass of Timo!”

Save of the rally: Esapekka Lappi

There were a few contenders for this. Neuville’s 360 spin on Saturday, where he showed his dancing on ice skills while seemingly, losing no time at all was very impressive. But this award goes to Esapekka lappi. Coming in hot and bouncing off a frozen snow bank & nearly rolling the car. Luckily it landed back on all fours and continued on as if nothing happened to a 2nd place finish.

Wooden Spoon: Sebastien Ogier

He reached the highest of highs on the first round of the season in Monte. That didn’t continue into round two when he ditched it into a snow bank and left it there. He is now 3rd in the drivers standings, but with how hot the battle is with Tanak & Neuville. It could be tough to get them points back. On the plus side, a large wooden spoon makes for a good snow shovel.

Driver of the Rally: Teemu Suninen.

Can I pick two for this one? No?

Ok, well then It will have to be Teemu Suninen. (Tanak has won enough times) The young inexperienced driver made it look easy on Friday, beating the best more experienced drivers in the world to lead the way. His pace was truly impressive all weekend. Giving M-Sport the hope they needed for a good result and potential of a possible win this season. Looked handy for a win here on Friday, if it wasn’t for them pesky car sucking snow banks. (The tree & a broken rollcage didn’t help) But give it time. The man to watch in Finland.

And the winner is…..

Ott Tanak. Once again in another world of his own which is far out of reach to others. That Yaris is looking pretty solid too.

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