Ogier/VW Wins Rally Mexico

Sebastien Ogier and Volkswagen take their 2nd WRC win on only their 3rd ever WRC rally On Rally Mexico.

Ogier VW

With no Loeb, the new Sebastien took charge and totally dominated the event, and won Rally Mexico by over 3 minutes. The only real contender over the weekend of the rally was Qatar M-Sport driver Mads Ostberg. Who while within 41 seconds of Ogier, suffered a broken clutch and put him out of the rally on stage 15. It opened the gap to 3 minutes on saturday, and Ogier was able to sail to victory.

At the post event conference, Ogier said “For sure, I am very pleased. It has been a perfect weekend for us. The car was perfect again and I thank the team again for that. They are doing a really good job. From the start of the season we have had no problems with the car. We know we have a few things to improve but I have had so much fun. I have really enjoyed the rally in Mexico with all the support and we have a good lead after three races.”

In 2nd place was Citroen’s Mikko Hirvonen.”I am happy, at last, to get a second place after a difficult start to the season. It looks like Volkswagen has raised the game and we have to fight hard. We have to work even harder now, I am sure we can improve everything. I am still sliding a little too much and losing time. Without the power with the altitude you lose even more time like this.”

In 3rd place, Claiming his frist ever podium, was Qatar M-Sport Driver Thierry Neuville. Very pleased with his best WRC performance yet, he said, “Honestly, I have to say I felt confident in the car and, after qualifying, I thought we could find the pace and be competitive. On Saturday I was not so happy and I made a little mistake and a rock broke the steering and we had to slow down. Then we had problems with the temperature and we slowed down again. But we went fast again and it was a good experience today. Malcolm [Wilson] told me to push and I tried hard until 15 kilometres where we were equal [with Mikko]. Then I made a mistake and I knew we must just finish the day for the team.”

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