Wales Rally GB – First 3 stages of Day 3

Results from first 3 stages of Day 3 in Wales.

SS14 17.35kms. Loeb JML+2.7 Hirvo+4.9 PSolb+5 Ostb+9.2 Neuvi+15.1 Wils+23.9 Prok+24.5 Al-Atti+25.1 Tanak+30.8 Atko+31.3 Ogier+49. O/A JML PSolb+26.8 Loeb+28.2

SS15 8.87kms. Loeb JML+0.6 Hirvo+0.9 PSolberg+2.1 Ostb+4.1 Neuvi+6.4 Tanak+8.8 Wils+10.4 Al-Atti+12 Novi+12.5 Prok+12.8 Atko+13.8. O/A JML Loeb+27.6 PSolb+28.3

SS16 15.33kms. JML Loeb+1.7 Hirvo+2.4 PSolb+3.9 Ostb+4.4 Neuvi+13.6 Tanak+14.1 Novi+16.8 Prok+20 Al-Atti+20.5 Wils+20.8 Atko+26.1. O/A JML Loeb+29.3 PSolb+32.2

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