Dan’s WRC blog – Out with the old, in with the new

What a start we had to one of the most anticipated seasons for Many years. Round one certainly didn’t let us down. The excitement surrounding the new generation of cars kept up throughout the weekend. And if anything, has grown more before the start of round 2, in the high mountain roads of Mexico. 

Photo: D. Darrall

The reason is simple. Out with the old, and in with the new. Completely new cars made for a level playing field, which meant we saw the talent from further down getting the results they deserve. If only the FIA could freeze the regs for development now so every round would be as exciting. And I think, that is part of the problem we have in all motorsports, the manufacture teams throw too much money into their works cars and don’t give younger or privateer drivers the chance to show what they can do. Resulting in the same drivers winning again and again.

But now, It’s not just the old cars that are being replaced. Now that the younger drivers have more of a chance to show their skill’s as Mads did in Sweden, the next generation of drivers shall start coming through too. With the lack of seats avaliable in WRC the only way would be replacing the now older generation of drivers that we have seen for the past 10 years or so. We can already see this ‘generation replacement’ within Citroen, with Ogier taking on the master, the master who said if he has to drop to number 2 in the team he won’t want to drive anymore. And let’s not forget Dani Sordo getting pushed aside to make room for the younger Frenchman. 

Photo: D.Darrall

Of course Dani has managed to find a seat in the Mini along with Kris Meeke, but the current drivers are closer to the end of their career than the beginning. Many have had their time in Champaign glory. And with the new WRC academy bringing in the new younger drivers, it won’t be long before the next generation push through to the top. By the time we get new manufactures committing to the sport, the younger generation will be ready to jump in and try to dominate. We already have a new Loeb, but who will be the new Solberg? Only time will tell…

As Mexico awaits, 2011 is the beginning of a new generation of both cars and drivers. Out with the old, and in with the new.

Photo: D.Darrall

Daniel Darrall

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