World RX Stars Take Over Silverstone – As Loeb Win’s Again

BRX78This time last week, Mexico was being dominated by a Frenchman. Taking the lead after years away from the WRC. Putting the ‘non-believers’ in their place. The greatest driver in the sport dominated the rally world on Saturday’s Mexican stages – Until a puncture dropped him down the table. 7 Days later and King of the Sebastien’s swapped the 30C plus heat for the subzero temperatures of an airfield in the middle of England. That didn’t stop him. Loeb once again proved his near unbeatable talents to take a win on the brand new Silverstone Rallycross track.


Admittedly. Being round one of the British Rallycross Championship, the national professionals, with their much smaller budgets didn’t stand much of a chance against the best machines and drivers in the world. With Peugeot team-mate Timmy Hansen & newly signed EKS driver Andreas Bakkerud also taking part in what was basically a competitive recce for when the World RX championship comes to town in May. It was mostly a 3 horse race, as last years World RX machines left the rest of the field standing off the start line. But it was still a joy to watch this driving god, show his incredible speed away from the world media and have some fun.

It was a bit of a shame for the real competitors of the British Rallycross, who pretty much had no chance of a win in the supercar class. However, having three of the biggest stars in the sport taking part, gave the national championship a huge promotional boost. How many of the hundreds of spectators that were there, would normally battle through the snow to go and spectate? Anything that brings in new fans to a sport is always a good thing. Something I wouldn’t have normally gone to myself. It was a brilliant day out and there were other British stars that were great to see and support too, with the likes of Mark Higgins & Julian Godfrey. Ones to watch for the rest of this year, for the British Rallycross Championship title.

-Daniel Darrall
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