It’s Citroen or Hyundai for Paddon

After spending years of fighting for finance, battling his way up the WRC ladder. And landing a part time drive with Hyundai earlier this year.


It seems Kiwi Hayden Paddon’s career is like waiting for a bus. Wait for ages and then two come at once!

It would seem that Paddon is about to live his dream again as a WRC driver for next year, as after his continued improvement in performance this year has got him two deals on the table. Now he just has to decided which offer is best for his future.

The offers come from Hyundai, who he joined for to do selected events this year. And Citroen, who are one of the most successful teams in WRC History. But its all about whats best for his future, as Hayden Paddon isn’t looking for just a one off drive, or even a one year drive. He wants to be a future World Champion.

“We want to be World Champions one day. It’s a long way away yet, but next we want to try and be fighting for the podium later in the year and then following that, then start going for event victories and then from there you can be in a position to fight for the championship.”

Talking to TVNZ, Paddon said,
“We have two offers on the table from two different teams, it is certainly quite humbling. It probably complicates the process a bit more but it means maybe we did something right this year,”

“We’re just working through the finer details at the moment and hopefully in the next couple of weeks it will become apparent what we’re doing.”

“We have to think about what’s going to give us the best chance to be competitive in the future but that’s all part of the decision making process as well,” he said.

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