WRC’s Convertable Cars – From Gravel to Tarmac

RACC Rally Spain this weekend, will be the only true mixed surface event of the season. With the opening Fridays stages on gravel and the next two on Saturday and Sunday on asphalt. 


All the cars tackling the Spanish event will have to be totally converted and rebuilt on Friday nights Service in Salou. And to keep the pressure on, teams have just 75 minutes to get the job done.

The teams mechanics will be lowering the ride height and changing a number of components such as the suspension, brakes, gearbox, rear differential, steering rack and cross members. As well as fixing any damage from the days stages and getting the correct set-up on the cars for the drivers, who will have to complete change their driving style from the loose gravel to the ultra smooth tarmac roads.



 Click Here for a full account of what is involved in converting each Fiesta RS WRC over on WRC.com.

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