M-Sport Driver Quotes from Day 3

Thierry Neuville (3rd) said:

“I think the whole day has been quite good for us. There was one stage that we had to discover and we lost about ten seconds in 20 kilometres, but it was new for us so that was quite normal. The stages are really beautiful, especially the first two this morning. They are not the easiest for sure, but really enjoyable. We have a 20 second advantage on Andreas [Mikkelsen] going into tomorrow, and I think we will be OK to keep the positions as they are.”

Mads Østberg (5th) said:

“I think we had a really good day today. Again we made some big improvements with the set-up and before the last ‘proper’ stage [SS14] we found something really good! The traction and the balance of the car were really, really nice! That’s what we’ll start with tomorrow, and if it works again then I think it can be a very good day for us.”

Evgeny Novikov (23rd) said:

“We will have to have a look at the video but I am almost certain that it was my mistake from the recce. It was a very fast place on a flat-out downhill section where you are right on the rev-limiter. Then there was a crest and a right-hander in fourth or fifth gear. In my pacenotes I had some distance before the corner where I could brake, but at high-speed, that distance was not there.

“I understood straight away that we were too fast and that we would not be able to stay on the road. I put the car sideways to kill the speed, and that was that. We only rolled once, but the main impact was on the front of the car. It is a shame of course because we had some very good speed this morning and were feeling really comfortable in the car, but that is just the way it is.”

Elfyn Evans (8th overall, 1st in WRC 2) said:

“I found the driving really enjoyable today. Certainly the second pass was very slippery in Gartheiniog and Dyfi [SS12 and SS13], but nevertheless great fun to drive. We’re glad to still be here and to still be leading the WRC 2 class. Of course this is Rally GB and anything can happen. There are still some very tricky stages to come tomorrow, so we’ll definitely need to keep our wits about us! But if we have a clean run, I think we’re on course for what could be a really good result.”

Team Principal, Malcolm Wilson OBE, said:

“I think we are all aware that an event like Wales Rally GB isn’t over until it’s over and anything can still happen tomorrow. That said, both Thierry [Neuville] and Elfyn [Evans] have had a great run today and, if they have a clean run tomorrow, they are both set to secure a fantastic result – Thierry second in the drivers’ championship and Elfyn his first win of the year.”

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