Qualifying Results: Acropolis 2013

VolksWagens Sebastien Ogier has set the Fastest time on the 3.1km Qualifying Stage for Rally Greece, setting a time of 2mins 14.5 seconds.

20130531-102804 AM.jpg

Not to much drama to report. The stage being delayed by 10 minutes due to crowds of fans in sections of stage. Qatar M-Sport’s Evgeny Novikov had a moment in the stage, reported to have had just 2 wheels on the ground in one corner.

Mikkelsen said on Twitter “6th fastest. Lots of dust in car, couldn’t see so well, lost the line a little, but OK! Happy with that”

(Twitter) – “MikkoWRC: Mikko af QS : I don’t understand why the times are not better. Feeling with the car is good but maybe I try to push to much @OfficialWRC”

The drivers make their start position selection at 12:15 in the Service Park with Ogier having first pick.

Qualifying results:

1 SebOgier
2 DaniSordo +1.1
3 Novikov +1.2
4 thierryneuville +1.6
5 MadsOstberg +2.0
6. Mikklesen
7. Al-Attiyah
8. MikkoWRC +2.7
9. JariMattiWRC +3.4
10. Prokop
11. Al-Quassimi

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