JWRC switches to Biofuel

The Junior WRC Championship is supporting the FIA’s drive to make motor sport more sustainable by switching from petrol to biofuel.

From the Acropolis Rally of Greece onwards, the Ford Fiesta R2s used in the series will be powered by GEM Fuel, a blended fuel containing regular gasoline, bio-ethanol and bio-methanol.

The FIA claims the new fuel – the result of a partnership between BioMCN, Abengoa, Methanex, Eurol and the Methanol Institute – reduces greenhouse gases by more than 50% compared to regular petrol.

M-Sport, which supplies the Fiestas to the championship, was involved in an evaluation of the fuel in 2012, when an extensive dyno test comparing the performance and consumption of three fuels – including GEM Fuel – was performed at its Cumbrian base.

Jarmo Mahonen, FIA Rally Director, said: “The FIA has a strategy to develop solutions to reduce the environmental footprint of mobility in general and motor sport in particular, and this supports our drive for more sustainable motor sport.”

The Rally of Greece, round two of the Junior WRC Championship, gets underway on Friday 31 May.

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