Drivers Championship Standings

Despite 9 times World Rally champion Sebastien Loeb, is only contesting 4 rallies in the 2013 season due to going into Semi Retirement from the WRC, Loeb is leading the Drivers Championship standings after his win on the Season opener in Monte Carlo.

20130124-090651 AM.jpg

The Frenchman has dominated the sport for 10 years, and has had a massive impact on the sport during the ‘Loeb Era’. The man just seemed to be able to do the impossible and win everything. In 2006 Loeb had a mountain bike accident, he broke his shoulder and had to miss the last 4 rallies of the season. Despite this Loeb still won the Drivers World Championship. Even though the maximum points that ‘Super Seb’ can get this year is 112 points (25 for win and 3 bonus points for PowerStage if used) many would not be surprised if he did win all 4 events and the Championship.

WRC Drivers Championship Standings:

1. Loeb 25
2. Ogier 18
3. Sordo 15
4. Hirvonen 12
5. Bouffier 10
6. Ostberg 8
7. Prokop 6
8. Wiegand 4
9. Burri 2
10. Kosciuzko 1

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