Hyundai Reveals WRC Plans in Paris

It a big week in Paris this week, as its the Paris Motorshow. And plenty of news and rumours get confirmed. There have been rumours of a WRC comback for Hyundai, who pulled out of the sport in 2003. But now They have confirmed there intrest for the WRC.

The release says Hyundai is “poised to return to the FIA World Rally
Championship”, though no details have been given.

Mark Hall, Marketing
Director at Hyundai Motor Europe, is quoted in an official release:

“The World Rally Championship is recognised as one of the most dramatic sporting series on Earth. It’s a spectacle filled with excitement and dynamism − the perfect embodiment of the Hyundai brand. The WRC also offers the most technologically-diverse challenge for an automotive manufacturer. Our participation will demonstrate Hyundai’s engineering excellence and durability,
and will also help to enhance our passenger vehicles in future.”

The press release describes the car as “rally-ready”, and adds: “Following its withdrawal from motorsport in 2003, Hyundai’s long-term goal was to set up an in-house WRC team in Europe and develop a performance rally car, resulting in the WRC i20’s debut in Paris.”


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