Wales Rally GB – Day2 Midday

After the morning of Day 2 in Wales Rally GB, Ford are still in Control as Jari Matti Latvala leads a Ford one two.


The first stage of the day was muddy and foggy, but it didn’t slow down Ford. Latvala kept up the pace from day 1 and was 2nd fastest on both the first and second stages of the morning. And on SS9 the final stage of the day the Finn was 3 seconds faster than the rest of the pack. Latvala now has a 22.2 second lead over his team mate Petter Solberg.

Citroen have been very much struggling for grip and with the set-up. Despite Loeb setting the fastest time on SS8, he wasn’t happy with his performance. Neither was his team mate Mikko Hirvonen, Both Citroens also seemed to wear down the tyres more than any one else. The two drivers at a bit of a loss as to why they are stuggling to get on the pace. Loeb hold 3rd place overall 3.9 off Solberg and 26.1 seconds away from the lead. whilst Hirvonen is down in 5th.

The morning of day 2 was one of the best for Norwegian Mads Ostberg. He is out prove himself worthy of a factory driver and he is doing just that. Went fastest on the first stage of the morning, SS7, Making it his first proper stage win since Greece back in 2009. He is holding 4th place just 12.2 seconds away from Sebastien Loeb.

No real dramas else where this morning except for Kevin Abbring in S2000 who hit a rock and damaged suspension. The condtions are expected to improve for the afternoon stages. The drivers now on their way back to service.

Overall results after SS9
2. Solberg +22.2
3. Loeb +26.1
4. Ostberg +38.3
5. Hirvonen +1:08.9
6. Tanak +1:28.8
7. Novikov +1:46.1
8. Neuville +3:04.6
9. Wilson +4:00.0
10. Prokop +4:35.0

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