Rally GB – Day 1 results

Ford are in control at the end of day 1. Jari Matti Latvala leads after a great Drive through the Welsh forests, and his team mate Petter Solberg holds 2nd, with Citroens Sebastien Loeb in 3rd.

Stage results for Afternoon loop of Day 1 at Wales Rally GB.

SS4 20.48kms
JML leads. Loeb+2 PSolberg+4.2 Ostb+5 Hirvo+6.3 Novi+11.6 Tanak+14.6 Neuv+20.8 Prok+30.5 Atko+32.2 Wilson+35.5 Al-Atti+36.2

SS5 24.87kms. JML PSolb+2.3 Ostb+6.8 Loeb+10 Tanak+11 Novi+11.1 Hirvo+14.2 Neuv+23.1 Wilson+24.1 Prok+33.6 Al-Atti+43.2 Atko+43.4.. O/A JML PSolb+11.8 Loeb+15.3

End of Day 1 O/A
JML leads PSolb+12.1 Loeb+21.3 Ostb+32.6 Hirvo+53.8 Tanak+1.19.2 Novik+1.32.8 Neuvi+2.27.9 Wilson+3.17 Prok+3.36.8 Atko+4.11.6 Ogier+4.19 Al-Att+5.09.7

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