Petter, it’s all about the powerstage

After crashing out of 2nd place on Rally Germany on the first run through Panzerplatte on day 2. Petter Solberg has restarted under ‘Rally2’ regulations for Day 3. His currently down in 13th. The Norwegian says he is going all out to get points on Powerstage. They could be the only points available to him due to the big gaps and only 2 proper stages on Sundays leg of the rally. Even the car itself has been set up especially to contest the Circus Maximums Trier Power Stage, which takes place around the city streets of Trier.

“We have the Power Stage and the plan is to keep going and wait for that one,” said Solberg, “I had second fastest time last year, [Sebastien] Loeb was much faster but I have to try.”

Of his exit on Saturday, Solberg added: “There was nothing to gain in that stage, I didn’t do anything crazy, it was just unfortunate. It’s a very difficult stage and it can take you out very quickly. I wasn’t the lucky guy.”


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