Solberg all out for Ouninpohja Power stage points

Ford driver Petter solberg says he will be out to win the power stage for the bonus points at Rally Finland. The famous Ouninpohja Stage will be the setting for the final Power stage.


Solberg is currently in 4th, 56.6 seconds off leader Loeb. The 2003 World Champion holds the record over the 33.01km Ouninpohja stage set in 2005 with a time of 15 minutes and 18 seconds.

“My car on the last stage was working really well. We will push hard on Ouninpohja to try to get the three points. There could be a little bit of rain but that would be perfect for the grip.”

Mikko Hirvonen, currently in the chase for first place in his works Citroen just 9 seconds away, said: “It’s going to be fun and for sure I’ll be fighting. Hopefully we can take some time out of Sebastien on the first run to make it even closer for the second run.”

The 2 Ouninpohja runs will be split by a 50-minute regroup, which Jari-Matti Latvala’s co-driver Miikka Anttila says will only add to the expected drama on the Power Stage.

“It’s like a rally computer game when you do a stage and you know you have done a mistake and you want to try again,” said Anttila. “It’s a similar situation where you can play again. As it is such a fast stage it’s difficult to make any big differences so if you want to be the fastest of the fastest you have to take risks and it’s down to how eager you are to win the rally and to get the three points if you want to risk or not.”

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