Loeb’s thoughts on Rally Finland.

Arguably the greatest driver of all time, 8 Times World Rally Champion, Sebastien Loeb goes into Finland once again leading the WRC drivers’ standings. But the Frenchman said due to uncertainty over the weather expected this weekend for Rally Finland, his opting for what he described as a “safe choice” for his road order position after going fastest on Qualifying.


“It was very difficult to choose. We know if it’s dry it’s better to be behind and if it’s wet it’s better to be in front. We don’t know exactly for the weather so we choose in the middle because we expect some rain in some moments but not always. Finally [my main rivals] are doing nearly all the same and after 10 cars there shouldn’t be a big difference so we should nearly be all equal.”

The championship leader claimed his 2nd triumph in Finland last year, the only none Scandinavian to do so. And once again is one of the favourites to win at the wheel of the Citroen DS3 WRC. He tells us his thoughts on the event and says how he never always fully attacks in the Finnish Forest’s.”I say the same thing every year, this is not my favourite rally. The stages are magnificent, but the trees are bit too close to the road for my liking. I have always managed to avoid going off, undoubtedly because I don’t go flat out if I don’t feel totally comfortable behind the wheel. To be totally honest, it is difficult to say whether I’ll be going for the win or not. I’ve got such a healthy lead in the world championship that I don’t need to take any risks. But if I feel that I am capable of winning, then I’ll go for it. After a good break, I am pleased to get behind the wheel of the DS3 WRC.”

The first three stages of Rally Finland kicks off later tonight.

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