Block: “New Zealand stages are best in world”

Monster World Rally Team’s Ken Block says that the second day of Brother Rally New Zealand has been the most enjoyable of his rally career to date.

The Gymkhana star is running a reduced FIA World Rally Championship schedule this season and Rally New Zealand marks the American’s second WRC outing in 2012.

Despite not competing in a Ford Fiesta RS WRC since Rally Mexico back in March, Block and co-driver Alex Gelsomino are currently 10th on the leaderboard, 46.5s behind MINI’s Armindo Araujo.

“I’d like to do all of today’s stages again,” said Block at the end of today. “These are absolutely my favourite roads in the world and this has been the most enjoyable day of my rallying career despite one little spin. I hope conditions stay dry for tomorrow so we can continue to enjoy these roads.”

Block added: “We have just been sliding from camber to camber and having a ball out there today. I did some of these stages back in 2007 for Whangerai Rally in a Group N car so I have some experience. They are just incredible to drive and I’ve had a brilliant day.”

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