Day 2 mid-day recap in the Acropolis

The first stage of day 2 on the Rally Acropolis, the 17.41km Klenia Mycenae was where Loeb had the biggest crash of his career 3 years ago.

But no such problems this year for the Frenchman, as he was quickest through the stage. Mikko Hirvonen wasn’t taking any risks this morning, just a comfortable pace to stay out of trouble. Fords Petted Solberg reached stage end with his brakes on fire at the rear due to the heat and said that it was a very rough stage, but again taking no risks.

Petter’s team mate, Latvala was 2.1 seconds faster than Solberg. Held back on rough places, but pushed on the more comfortable sections. Sebastien Loeb 1.1 faster than Latvala. Loeb pushed, because he was worried about conditions of the stage on 2nd run through later in the day.

JML 7.6
PS 20.9
MH 51
EN 4:09.3
Prokop 5;08.3

SS11 Ghymno1, 17km. Latvala fastest by 1s from Hirvonen Solberg +2 seconds, Loeb 3rd fastest. On the following stage, SS12 the scenic Kefalari, Latvala took a massive 4seconds off Loeb. Narrowing the gap between first and 2nd to just 1 second overall. Meaning the fight for the win is on!

On SS13, the last stage before mid day Service. 4th place Hirvonen was at a loss as to the lack of his pace, and lost anther 6 seconds to the leaders. Putting the Fin 1minute 6 seconds away from the lead. Solberg lost a bit of time to the leaders too, but overall, relatively happy with his performance, and ends the Morning loop in 3rd place just 20.1 seconds off the lead and 17.9 seconds away from his team mate Latvala.

It’s a close battle at the top with just 2.2 Seconds separating Latvala and the leader Sebastien Loeb. It’s a tough and rough day for the crews, and could all change this afternoon. Drivers now in Service.

Top 4 Overall Times after first Section of Day 2

1. Sebastien Loeb
2. Jari Matti Latvala +2.2
3. Petter Solberg +20.1
4. Mikko Hirvonen +1:06.1

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