Rally Portugal return of almost 92 Million euro

Acording to the program for WRC vodafone Rally de Portugal. The 2011 rally brought a return of almost 92 Million euro’s, an unbeatable result in Sporting events held in the country, exceeded only by the football Euro 2004.

Photo: D.Darrall

According to the ‘study of impact on WRC Vodafone Rally of Portugal 2010: Economic and image’, conducted by the international Agency for research on planning and tourism, University of Algarve, Only in direct expenditure – Spending on overnight stays and meals – there were more than 49 Million euro in that area of the country.

The study, conducted by Professor Fernando Perna, was held during the event, based on 1164 interviews, of which 365 persons living in the Algarve and alentejo. In terms of nationalities and of no great cause for adminration, the Spanish fans came soon after the Portuguese, proceeding from all regions, with great predominace of andalucia and Extremadura. from non-residents, 68.9% slept 1-3 nights in Algarve, while 18.2% made over 4-5 nights. To be noted that 87.9% demonstrated intent to return.

For non-residents, the major attributes of the region where the rally was held were again the landscape, followed by the weather and accommodation. In terms of direct economic impact, the sectors most affected positively were food and beverage, followed by hotels. Under the indirect return through the media coverage of the event on the national and foreign media AVE, there was an estimate total of 42 Million euro, 32.6 of which through international television.

All things considered, 91.833 million Euro is a record result in the competitions conducted in Portugal. The image and the tourism promotion of the country, thanks to this event, are a source of pride for the ACP.

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