Stages & weather: Day 1 Rally Sweden

Day 1 if Rally Sweden kicks of today with 9 Stages. Ending with super special in Karlstad which was used as SS1 last night (Dani Sordo won)


The weather in Karlstad at Rally HQ is expected to be Cloudy and not much snow, more snow is reported to be on the Norwegian stages. With Temps of -8 at the moment.

Day 1 Itinerary

06:10 Service Hagfors

08:04 SS2 – Mitandersfors (27.07km)
09:26 SS3 – Opaker 1 (20.17km)
10:03 SS4 – Kirkener 1 (7.1km)
10:38 SS5 – Finnskogen 1 (20.97km)

11:44 Remote Service Kongsvinger

12:48 SS6 – Opaker 2 (20.17km)
13:23 SS7 – Kikener 2 (7.1km)
13:58 SS8 – Finnskogen 2 (20.97km)
16:05 SS9 – Torsby (19.21km)

16:45 Service Hagfors

19:20 SS10 – Karlstad (1.90km)

20:00 Finish – Karlstad

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