Day 2 stages – Monte Carlo

Day 2 of Rally monte Carlo consists of 6 Stages, 3 in morning and then re-run after Service in Valence. The weather forecast for today is Sunny and not expected to be as unpredictable as yesterday’s conditions, with temperatures of around 11C


SS5: 09:33 Labatie d’Andaure – Lalourese (19km)

SS6: 10:14 St Bonnet (25.22km)

SS7: 11:37 Lamastre – Gilhoc – Alboussiere (21.66km)

Service in Valence

SS8: 14:50 Labatie d’Andaure – Lalourese (19km)

SS9: 15:28 St Bonnet (25.22km)

SS10: 16:54 Lamastre – Gilhoc – Alboussiere (21.66km)

18:02 – Evening Service in Valence

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