Ford back to black for France

‘You can have any colour, as long as its black’. Ford Abu Dhabi team will run its 3 works Fiesta’s WRC cars in an all new, all black livery for Rally France next weekend.

It comes from a test earlier in the year where Ford decided to try out something different and had all its livery in black & white. After the realease of the test footage, rally fans around the world liked the look of it so much that they campaigned for Ford to use it on the next Tacmac rally, even setting up their own facebook group. Despite Ford saying they had no plan to use it but after the high demands for the new look, they have decided to use it for the Alsace event. So look out for the cars of Hirvonen, Latvala and Al-Qassimi.

Sneak preview of the new Black Fiesta in the video by Ford below…


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