Hanninen tops World Rally Ranking

Photo: D.Darrall

Juho Hanninen 1° – Luca Rossetti 2° and Andrea Mikkelsen 3° in the World Rally Ranking – Cars Super 2000

Juho Hanninen – (Finland) , Luca Rossetti –(Italy) and Andrea Mikkelsen (Norway) have obtained the first, the second and the third position after eight months of races all over the world on the World Rally Ranking IRDA (International Rally Drivers Association) for cars S2000. There are 199 drivers from the five continents of the world who thanks to the sporting results they have obtained, have entered the World Rally Ranking, for the special classification for cars Super 2000.

· DRIVERS Cars Super 2000

1° HANNINEN Juho (Finland – Skoda) pt 5141 – 2° ROSSETTI Luca ( Italy – Abarth) pt 3540 – 3° MIKKELSEN Andreas ( Norway – Skoda) pt 3394, Followed by 196 other drivers

There are 207 codrivers in the world who have entered the standings for cars super 2000, coming from all the five continents.

· CODRIVERS Cars Super 2000

1° MARKKULA Mikko (Finland) pt 5141 – 2° MICLOTTE Frederic (Belgium) pt 4194 – 3° CHIARCOSSI Matteo (Italy) pt 3540 Followed by 204 other codrivers.
The IRDA World Rally Ranking contains all the results from January 1st 2010 to date of all the drivers and codrivers from all over the world of all the events which are part of the FIA International Sporting Calendar. To see all the standings of the World Rally Ranking please visit the http://www.worldrallyranking.com website.
The official page on Facebook of World Rally Ranking at http://www.facebook.com/pages/WRR-World-Rally-Ranking/184151181644551


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