Todt positive on WRC changes

Jean Todt, the president of the FIA, motorsport & world governing body, visited the Acropolis Rally in Greece last week on a fact-finding mission.

The Frenchman is no stranger to the WRC having co-driven and run teams at the highest level in the past.

During his visit, Todt expressed his views on road position tactics, the return of Rallye Monte Carlo to the 2012 calendar and the success currently being achieved by privateer Petter Solberg.

On road position tactics…
“I think the rally people have been working properly and I hope we solve the problem because I don’t like to see [tactics] because it’s not the way the sport has to go. But I understand that at the moment it’s part of the tactics and there’s nothing we can do against that so we’ll finish the year like that. Still it’s a very tough competition, very close, very challenging and interesting.”

On using shakedown to determine starting order…
“It’s a new element but it’s part of new things. It will definitely be a more pure race because we will have the quickest drivers in the best conditions so we will have less tactics and more racing and let’s hope it was the right decision.”

On the return of Rallye Monte Carlo to the calendar for 2012…
“Monte Carlo should always be in the championship. It’s part of the history of rallying.”

On the performances being achieved by privateers like Petter Solberg…
“First I’m pleased that private drivers are able to get the same car as the official drivers and then you must not forget that Petter Solberg has been the world champion in 2003 with Subaru, so world champion with a good car is demonstrating he’s doing a good job.


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