Is Loeb REALLY the greatest driver of all time?….

Many have questioned if Sebastien Loeb really is the greatest driver of all time. Comparing Loeb to the next 3 most successful drivers in the WRC, he has won 6 consecutive World titles and won 57 rallies making him statistically the most successful driver of all time.
Juha Kankkunen – 23 wins – 4x World Champion 
Tommi Makinen – 24 wins – 4x World Champion
Carlos Sainz – 26 wins – 2x World Champion
Sebastien Loeb – 57 wins – 6x World Champion  
But many fans and media argue that due to the lack of manufactures and drivers he hasn’t had much competition and it has therefore been easier for him to win rallies. Also rallying has changed a lot over the years, events have become shorter and the cars have become more technically advance. 

But Loeb has shown his stunning pace and skill in driving his Citroen many times, most recently as in New Zealand after hitting a bridge and then making up over 1min & 20seconds to take the lead, despite not winning the rally he showed one of the greatest drives the WRC has ever seen. Loeb makes very few mistakes, his biggest crash was a manic barrel roll on the Acropolis rally last year in June. But the generally unflustered Frenchman simply dusted himself down, uttered merde or something, and carried on driving like a God.
What ever you may believe there is no question of doubt that he is certainly amongst the most successful drivers, but is Loeb the greatest driver of all time?……  





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